Nawi is an IoT system that sense and control your farm and save you the hassle.

Nawi’s modularity allows rapid configuration, plug’n play escalability and, integration with other devices. You can upload the data to a local server or the cloud, giving you hands-on wherever you are.

Suplai is IoT for logistics.

Suplai senses the remaining content of different containers, like water, gas or pet food,  giving you and also your supplier the information in precise time allowing to create better logistic planification.

About us

ARID has been in the market in Chile since 2011, giving software services to different markets.

Since 2015, the company has opened a new Robotical/IoT unit called “XVROBOTICS” and with these new abilities started to develop products involving hardware and software.

The vision remains strong from day one: become a trusty and robust brand in technological solutions from the heart of southamerica to the world.