Web Design

We design the identity of your company and its presence on the Web in an attractive and modern way.

Software development

We develop Software to improve the control and efficiency of your company’s processes. SCRUM® Certified.

Technological consulting

Workshops, Seminars, and Personalized Consulting to develop technological capabilities in companies and institutions.

Why us?

We know your most valuable asset: Your time!

For years working with companies we have confirmed that the most valuable thing for entrepreneurs is the good use of their time. Our technological solutions aim to generate tools that optimize and streamline the work of companies.

Let our team take care of the technical stuff and dedicate yourself to what really makes you profit.

Custom, yet agile… That our stamp!

We develop customized technology projects using agile methodologies.

We have a well-defined process to act with our clients in an intensive way, which ensures obtaining early deliveries of the product, which are iterated incrementally. We specialize in creating dashboards that integrate different sources of information. If you are after IoT solutions, we recommend you to check our spin-off ANCESTRAL TECHNOLOGIES.

Pioneers in the development of the technological industry in the north of Chile 

Our company has become a regional icon in terms of technology and innovation. Around us, numerous new tech companies with high economic impact have emerged, such as WAKI Labs, ANCESTRAL Technologies, AIM, MakingApp and Solar Trust just to name a few.

We know that collaboration is the key when it comes to developing regions, and we have encouraged everyone around us to make alliances and aim to a long term goal.

We are working with the leading industries in the region



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